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Fresh pasta

For all those who love the true flavors of tradition, fresh pasta is the Italian craftsmanship defined by excellence. It is produced by mixing soft wheat flour or durum wheat semolina and water. Careful processing, high quality raw materials and durum wheat, techniques and technology are all a part of our quality product, We aim to provide the best products to our customers.

Dry pasta

For Italy, pasta is not only an excellent food but represents the very essence of union, of sharing: an integral part of life, of the popular culture of Italians, not only of cooking but also their tradition. In this area of Italy, there are more than 140 pasta factories. There are many varieties of pasta available on the market, varying in shape, color and raw materials. The flavor of a pasta is given by a clever combination of these elements: flours, flavors (understood in a much broader sense of the term: eggs, oil, salt, spices), fillings and seasonings. Pasta represents the fundamental basis for unleashing one's culinary imagination and creating unforgettable dishes. Our role is to help you find the product that meets your creativity and your requests.

Tomato pulp

The chopped tomatoes we select are made with juicy pureed tomatoes, grown in Italy and under the Mediterranean sun, harvested at the peak of ripeness to provide the best flavor. Packaged 24 hours after harvest to ensure freshness and are the ideal addition to many dishes. The tomato pulp is available in the peeled, fine passata, cherry tomatoes and datterini formats. The offer includes dense passes of a bright red color and a smooth and soft texture for delicate and refined recipes.


Preserves are all those food preparations packaged in hermetically sealed containers to be stored for long periods at room temperature. Preserves are practical, they offer the possibility of having food at any time of the year, combining the desire for tasty and quality products with the practicality. They can be made with any type of food, including fruit, meat and fish. We have a wide selection of preserves to enrich your pantry . We are also open for new suggestions from our customers.


The breadstick is one of the most famous and popular products of Turin's gastronomy, it is one of the most popular food delicacies in Italy and abroad, a symbol of conviviality and it's ideal for staying in shape. It is an excellent substitute for bread, a light, tasty snack rich in beneficial properties, which is experiencing a constant growth in consumption. Its composition is completely identical to that of bread, but with a long and narrow shape. Variations in its composition have recently been introduced, in fact there is a wide selection on the market to satisfy every taste.


Typical elixir of the Mediterranean area, a valuable and ancient food, with a history of tradition and processing behind it. Italy is one of the largest producers of quality olive oil in the world, obtained by pressing the fruits of the olive tree. It is the main food of the Mediterranean diet, the ingredient that can be used both raw and for cooking. Recognizing and choosing quality requires knowledge of the product, recognizing the right acidity, as well as the guarantee of a certified food.


In Italy there are different types of cured meats linked to different cultures and traditions and which are produced using very different cuts of meat and following ancient recipes handed down over time. There are sausage and non-cured meats, raw and cooked cured meats, smoked and unsmoked. The variety is such that it is almost difficult to choose, given the large amount of excellent cured meats of which Italy produces.
The wines express the essence of a territory: its history is so ancient that it is confused with the history of humans. The whole world today produces wines but Italy is one of the most representative countries for the high quality of the products, recognized as excellence also thanks to the long tradition rooted in its culture; it could be said that more than a product of nature, wine is a product of culture, so all that remains is to raise your glasses and toast!
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